Is Your Game Meat Safe To Eat


Hunters are at high risks of becoming ill from consuming game meat that’s infected with chronic diseases or carelessly prepared meat. Though the problem sometimes arise from lack of careful examination of the animals for any signs of unfitness or infection, in most cases the problem results from inadequate handling of the meat. However, these problems can easily be avoided by carefully identifying animals that are unfit for consumption and properly handling and cooking the game meats. So here is an overview of a few steps that you can follow to ensure that you eat your game meat with confidence.

• Keep It Clean: Wash your hands before and after handling the game carcass. Strive to always dress the animal on a clean surface, ensuring that you don’t accidentally puncture the intestines—and if you do, strive to clean the inside with alcohol rubs, vinegar, or appropriate antibacterial towelettes.

• Keep It Cool: Bacteria often thrive in moist warm conditions, so to avoid bacterial growth in your game meat, ensure that the carcass is maintained at a temperature of less than 40 degrees. On warm days, you can fill the body cavity of your game meat with bags of ice, sealed snow bags, or frozen milk jugs.

• Protect It From Internal Contaminants: Ensure that your knife is cleaned as frequently as possible, especially after it comes into contact with the body fluids from the animal. Some diseases are concentrated in the brain and spinal tissues, so avoid cutting through the backbone or eating the brain of a wild animal.

• Thoroughly Cook It: A big percentage of bacteria get killed when meat is cooked to the right internal temperatures. However, it is important to remember that there is no amount of time in the oven that will eliminate harmful bacteria once they have infected your game meat. Accordingly, to ensure that these guests are kept off your dinner table, ensure that game meat is appropriately cooked.

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  2. Great article, great tips!

  3. I wish more hunters were careful with their meat prep! I make CERTAIN, my meat is clean and fit to eat before I take it near the frying pan! Great tips!

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