Snowboarding is a popular cold weather activity in America and many other countries throughout the world. If you’re new to the sport, you’ll need to outfit yourself properly in order to maximize your fun and perform the most popular snowboarding tricks. Good gear also plays an essential role in keeping you safe and dry in […]

Trail mix is the perfect snack for adding needed calories when you’re out and about. Its high calorie content gives you the necessary fuel to get through that tough hike or climb or that long day on the slopes. There are an infinite number of trail mix recipes that you can mix and match to […]

As the weather gets colder and snow covers the mountaintops, many outdoor enthusiasts are eager to get in some quality skiing and snowboarding. No matter your skill level, there are important thing to keep in mind before you hit the slopes. These tips will help you and others stay safe this season. Keep Fit While […]

Snow chains are crucial for driving in certain weather conditions, as driving without them can cause you to lose control of your car. Installing snow tire chains can be a pain once you’re actually in the snow. If you’re able to put them on before you reach snowy conditions, you’ll make your life a lot […]

Snowboards can be expensive, especially when they’re new. To save money, it’s possible to buy a used snowboard that will perform just as well as a new one. There are potential problems you’ll want to check for before purchasing a used snowboard, and you’ll also want to get the right one for your size. Measurements […]

Americans love exploring the great outdoors by going on camping excursions. Data published in the 2014 American Camper Report by the Outdoor Foundation shows that 40.1 million people six years and older went on camping trips in 2013. While camping is a fairly safe activity, campers should be aware of inherent dangers such as wild […]

A jet ski is a specific type of personal watercraft that looks similar to a motorbike. While Jet Ski is actually a brand name trademarked by Kawasaki, the term now commonly refers to any similar watercraft, regardless of the manufacturer. If you are in the market for this type of recreational watercraft, here are some […]