Monthly Archives: October 2015

Tips For Purchasing A Jet Ski

A jet ski is a specific type of personal watercraft that looks similar to a motorbike. While Jet Ski is actually a brand name trademarked by Kawasaki, the term now commonly refers to any similar watercraft, regardless of the manufacturer. If you are in the market for this type of recreational watercraft, here are some […]


Is Your Game Meat Safe To Eat

Hunters are at high risks of becoming ill from consuming game meat that’s infected with chronic diseases or carelessly prepared meat. Though the problem sometimes arise from lack of careful examination of the animals for any signs of unfitness or infection, in most cases the problem results from inadequate handling of the meat. However, these […]

Tips For Carp Fly Fishing

Carp fly fishing is fun, and the thrill kicks in when you walk back home with a fat catch. However, carps are quite cunning to catch and it takes a great amount of skill to get them. Here are some five tips to point you in the right direction when fishing carps. Be Patient Don’t […]