Best Pre-Run Snacks And Meals


Before you go out on a run, you might want to load up on nutrition to fuel your body. Food choices are highly individual so you should eat what works best for you. However, there are several options veteran runners usually go for which you might want to consider. Just remember to take something light so as not to upset your stomach. Be careful to select low fiber items so as to prevent the urge to go to the toilet in the middle of it. Eat pre-run snacks at least an hour before heading out to give it time to settle.

Short Runs

If you are going for a short easy jog, then you may skip it entirely. You have enough fuel in your body to run on empty for less than an hour in the form of fat. Of course, you can still have something to keep you sharp especially if you feel hungry. Intense training like speedwork, hill sprints, and even fartleks should be supplemented by a high carbohydrate snack. These sessions tend to tap the anaerobic system more which requires higher carbs than fats. Examples are cereal and skim milk, berries and cottage cheese, graham crackers and honey, and yogurt with fruit.

Long Runs

If you are going out there on the road or trails for a long time, it’s best to fuel up beforehand to keep your energy level steady throughout. Take some snacks and water along with you as well in case you get hungry along the way and you can not get back home right away. For pre-run snacks, try a piece of banana with peanut butter or other types of nut butter. Bagel with PB&J works well, too, for many athletes. Oats with milk and berries taste great while providing good energy. If you aren’t keen on taking solid food, then fuel up with sports drinks to top up your electrolytes. Just be sure to use a brand you’re familiar with to prevent an upset stomach.

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